Cyclades Gallery

The Cyclades Gallery has been housed since 1994 in four warehouses of the southern wing of the Transit Warehouses at the northern pier of the Port of Syros, in Ermoupolis.

The Cyclades Gallery is managed by the Cultural Center of the Municipality. Its atmospheric spaces host periodic art exhibitions, while at the same time the small theater of the Gallery operates, where theatrical performances and concerts are hosted.

The Transit Warehouses in the premises of which the Cyclades Gallery is housed, are among the first buildings of Ermoupolis. They were built in 1834 – 1839 at state expense according to Erlacher’s plans. They extend in two wings, 122 meters long, which housed a total of 14 different warehouses. Ships sided with the building from the sea and unloaded directly on land. From the interwar period onwards, the warehouses stopped operating.

The imposing building that dominates next to the warehouse complex and the Cyclades Gallery is the Customs, which completes the imposing first image that one encounters when arriving at the port of Syros.

Address: Papadam 3, Ermoupoli, Syros

Contact: 2281080918