Ecclesiastical museum of Ermoupolis

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Ermoupolis was created on the initiative of the Blessed Metropolitan of Syros Dorotheos I in 1984, who managed to create an excellent collection of ecclesiastical exhibits, sending the then Archimandrite and now Metropolitan of Syros Dorotheos II to collect various icons and churches. vestments from the churches and temples of the other islands of the Metropolis. The museum was housed in a building owned by the Holy Metropolis and was enriched over time with more vestments, church relics and jewelry. The museum also housed a creative workshop and expression of children, as well as learning hagiography in a ground floor room of the Church of Agios Nikolaos. Later they were transferred to another privately owned space of the Holy Metropolis together with the bookstore Theognosia, near the Church of Agios Nikolaos. Items of Cycladic folklore have been added to the exhibits and are now available to the public, while the visit is free.