Exhibition of Traditional Crafts in Ano Syros

The Museum of Traditional Professions is located in a building on Don Ioannou Stefanou Street in Ano Syros and is an exhibition of objects that the Syrians used in their daily lives.

From the barber’s scissors, the fisherman’s bench, the carpenter’s tools, the farmers ‘agricultural tools, the beekeepers’ smokehouse but also various household items, such as oil lamps, lamps and sewing machines, a walk to the museum older times of the island.

Opening Hours: Opening hours vary throughout the year. Find out about it by contacting the phones.

Address: Ano Syros, 84100, Syros

Phone: +30.2281361064 +30.2281361065 +30.2281361067

E-mail: politismos@syros-ermoupolis.gr

Website: www.syrosisland.gr