Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis

Approaching the industrial heritage

Knowing the past, the present, but also the future trends and expectations of the industrial environment of a region, is not only a cultural experience, but also a fascinating adventure.

The buildings of industrial archeology with their architectural quality, with the memories that connect them with the local communities, but also with their renewed, modern museum role, can contribute decisively to the socio-cultural development of specific historical areas. In Syros and Ermoupolis, there is a rich industrial heritage – old factories and museums such as the Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis, the Menelaos Kornilakis Tannery, and the Shagio Factory of Georgios Anairousis – which invites you to a fascinating journey to which, in other times,men and women unwrapped their daily lives through work. The rapid deindustrialisation that has taken place and continues to take place, gives even greater importance to knowing and understanding concepts such as industrialization, innovation and modernization.

Ermoupolis was fortunate to be a popular object of study for a group of important historians during the decade 1973-1983 and beyond. Today, its industrial ruin includes dozens of building complexes, which include the three exemplary restored buildings of the Industrial Museum: the Katsimantis Brothers Painting Factory, the Georgios Anairousis Scaffolding Factory and the Menelaos Kornilakis Tannery. This ruin of Ermoupolis was and is unique for the Greek data and together with the preserved residential fabric they form a cultural attraction that is of particular interest to the visitor of Syros.